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She's the Cutest... But We're Just Friends! ( "Ore no Onna Tomodachi ga Saikou ni Kawaii"; is a novel series written by ) and illustrated by .

Official Synopsis[]

Kai Nakamura has the average range of otaku hobbies for a high school boy, but the buddy he shares them with is far from ordinary... Kai's best friend in the whole world is Jun Oyakawa, his classmate known as a super hottie. Though Kai and Jun just met when they enrolled in high school, they hit it off with passion for all the same hobbies!

When they're together, the pair never have enough hours in the day. Kai and Jun can't get enough of each other's company as they chat about video games and manga or sing anime songs at karaoke. Love is fleeting, but friendship is forever in this "just friends" rom-com filled with flirty fun!

(Source: J-Novel Club)


The first volume will be published on Feb 14, 2021.

No. Front cover Title of Novel Release Date
Feb 14, 2021[JP]